Different Types Of Air Conditioners

Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

If you are looking to get an air conditioner in Campbelltown, you must know the different types of their available systems. With this knowledge, you'll be able to determine which is best for your home or office based on their features, pros and cons.

The best air conditioning systems of 2020 are:

1. Split Air Conditioning Systems

A split system is one in which the air conditioner has both indoor and outdoor units. As its name implies, the outdoor unit houses components that stay outside the room where the air conditioner is installed. It includes components like the condenser, compressor, expansion valve, etc. On the other hand, the indoor unit comprises cooling fans and coils, evaporators, and A/C controls.

The most significant benefit of split air conditioning systems is that they provide a quiet performance, unlike traditional A/Cs. The reason for this is that the noisy components are placed outside the room.

Split air conditioning systems can sometimes have more than one indoor unit, making it easy to cool multiple or very large rooms at a time.

2. Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Another excellent type of air conditioning systems is the ducted system. In this case, the indoor unit is located within the home's roof or floor space. From these units, many ducts flow to each of the building's rooms. These ducts allow you to cool each room individually, by a process called conditioned zoning.

Ducted air conditioning systems are commonly found in large buildings because they allow you to turn the system on or off in the rooms where they are not needed.

3. Window Air Conditioning Systems

This air conditioning system is made to cool a single room. Here, all components, that is, the condenser, compressor, expansion coil or valve, cooling coil and evaporator are housed in a single box. The single unit is then placed in the slot made on the window sill or in the room's wall.

4. Multi-split Air Conditioning Systems

These air conditioning systems are very similar to the wall-mounted and window types. However, the difference is that their single outdoor unit can be connected to more than one indoor unit. These indoor units can have different capacities. 

With this advantage of multi-split air conditioning systems, the cost of air conditioners for each room can be reduced, and significant space saved. 

5. Bulkhead Air Conditioning Systems

The last air conditioning system on this list is the bulkhead system. These systems are best suited for buildings that do not have enough roof space for ducted systems. 

In bulkhead systems, the indoor unit is flush-fit in the ceiling, leaving only the discharge grilles and suction air visible. They are the ideal choice for discrete air conditioning installation.

In conclusion

At the moment, these are the best types of air conditioning systems you can get in 2020. They are not all suitable for any building, so you'll have to sieve and pick the best for your home or house.

This guide should help you make an informed buying decision when getting an air conditioning system.

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