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Campbelltown Air Conditioning provides a service you can trust. Our service is backed by warranty and we are always on time.

Aircon Installation Campbelltown


Whether is a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner or just a back to back split system in your residential or commercial property, we can help!

Ducted Air Conditioning Campbelltown

ducted air conditioning

Looking at reverse cycle ducted air conditioning with round or square outlets of your choosing. We provide FREE consultations on ducted air.

Split System Campbelltown

split systems

Split systems can be your friend or your worst enemy when installing. Luckily we have installed a lot and can guide you in the right direction.

About Us

Air Conditioning Campbelltown

We are a young and vibrant air conditioning company specialising in the installation, repairs and servicing of air conditioners in residential and commercial applications. We are a boutique business that is customer based focused, so that we can provide the best air conditioning service that Campbelltown has to offer. Our factory is located in the industrial estate. Quality and affordable is our drive and we strive in giving the end customer the service they deserve.

We design and construct air conditioning solutions that are tailored to all budgets and brands. If you live in Campbelltown and have an air conditioning query

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Since 2006

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Let's Install The Perfect AirCon That Saves you Money!

Get in touch with us and send some basic info for a quick quote.

Air Conditioning Brands

A breathe of fresh air. Finally a truly professional company that understands customer service with a simple "no bull" attitude.

Allan Gerard

Located In Campbelltown

My room layouts made it a tricky job, but it was done to look and work great. Very happy indeed. Quality install, such great workmanship!

Glen Hunter

Located in Raby

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