Ducted vs. Split Air Conditioning Unit: Which One is the Best for You?

Air Conditioning! One of the essential systems in today’s world, holding
immense significance in public and private spaces. We all love being in a place
that is equipped with an air conditioner since it provides great respite against the
harsh temperature outside. When it comes to the type of air conditioners, it is
broadly classified into two types- ducted air conditioners and ductless (split) air
conditioners. So, let’s get started and learn about each type in detail, and if you
are confused about choosing one particular type for your workplace or home,
this article will help you make the right decision!

Working of Ducted and Split Air Conditioning Units

Ducted (Central Air Conditioning):

• These air conditioners comprise multiple ducts that run through the entire
space to and from an inner fan coil unit, which is installed at the top of the
building’s space.
• One central location is used to send air to cool and heat all rooms.
• The same temperature settings are applied to air-condition all rooms
Ductless (Split Air Conditioning):
• These air conditioners are split into an internal and external unit. Air is
blown into the room with the help of an internal component, which is an
evaporative heat exchanger. On the other hand, unwanted hot air is
expelled with the help of an external component, which is a condensing
heat exchanger.
• Individual cooling and heating are done in every room using a single
indoor unit.

• Individual temperature settings are applied for every indoor unit operating

Their Applications

Ducted (Central Air Conditioning)
• Homes
A uniform environment is established using central control and is best
suited for homes that maintain a constant temperature throughout the day.
• Offices & Utilities
A uniform environment is set for large open spaces, such as retail stores,
public facilities, libraries, and more using ducted air conditioning.
Wall Mounted (Split Air Conditioning)
• Homes
With the help of independent control, the temperature can be adjusted for
homes for older people, infants, and different situations throughout the
 Offices & Utilities
With the help of independent control, room temperature is adjusted for
spaces like tenant buildings and offices with multiple internal spaces.

Pros & Cons Of Splits & Ducteds

Ducted (Central Air Conditioning)
If you are looking for the most energy-effective option, ducted air conditioning
tops the list and is also the most efficient for keeping the entire space cool.
• Zoning
You can save on energy costs by blocking off ducts in the rooms and
spaces which you do not use.

• Big Spaces
it is best suited for big spaces and homes, which would otherwise need
multiple split systems.
• Robust
As compared to the other systems, ducted ones are more efficient,
flexible, and powerful.

There is no denying that ducted air conditioners have multiple benefits, but they
come with their downsides too.
• Expensive
As compared to other cooling systems, installation costs are comparatively
• Difficult Installation
It is challenging to install a ducted air conditioner, especially after the
construction phase is over.

Ductless (Split Air Conditioning)
Split air conditioning is one of the most common choices available for cooling
homes and smaller spaces.
• Easy Installation
As compared to the ducted systems, installing a split system is extremely
• Affordability
Split air conditioning is a lot more affordable to install than a ducted air
conditioner, which also demands more maintenance.
• Multiple Room Temperatures
Using the same external unit, you can cool multiple rooms with multiple
• Living Area Cooling Capacity
Irrespective of the size of your living area, a single split system can keep it
cool easily.


Similar to the ducted air conditioners, split air conditioners have their own share
of negatives too.
• Expensive for Multi-Heads
Although split systems are affordable, they can be expensive to run if one
goes with the multi-head option.
• Single Cooling Area
One split system can only cool one area at a time. This means you need
multiple split systems for keeping your entire place cool.
• Lacking Big Space Compatibility
If you have a big house or space, split system air conditioning might not be the
best option for you.


This concludes the fact that both ducted & split system air conditioning come with
their own positives and negatives. Depending upon the individual requirements,
one should opt for the best option, which not only keeps the space cool
proficiently but is also affordable to install and maintain at the same time. We
hope that now your doubts about choosing between the two systems have been
eliminated and you are ready to get the most suitable system installed for your

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